Arrêtez le Monde, je voudrais descendre (Stop the world, I would like to get off)

Creation 2009
Produced by : Théâtre Dromesko
Co-produced by :

Théâtre National de Bretagne in Rennes
MC2 Maison de la culture in Grenoble
Le Grand Théâtre in Luxembourg
Espace Malraux, Scène Nationale in Chambéry and in the Savoie
Le Volcan Maison de la culture in Havre
Théâtre des Jacobins, in Dinan

Creation, direction and artistic direction: Igor and Lily
Musical Score : Alexander Balanescu
Texts :
Pierre Bourdieu / in « La misère du monde » Editions du Seuil
Roland Dubillard / in « La pluie » from
« Les diablogues et autres inventions à deux voix » Editions Gallimard

Staging / choreography / dance:
Lily, Igor, Violeta Todó-Gonzalez, Monique Brun, Florent Hamon, Zina, Louis Yerly
And in collaboration with David Bursztein / Charlie Nelson / Marcial Di Fonzo Bo / Jean-Michel Mouron / Jean-Marc Stehlé
Musical performance:
Lily (vocals), Igor (accordion) , Sandor Berki (upright bass), Jenö Sorös (cimbalom), Laszlo Nyari (violin) , Revaz Matchabeli (Cello)
Set construction : Louis Yerly/ Philippe Cottais/ Wouter Zoon/ Bernard Chansel
Costume design : Cissou Winling
Costume design assistant : Anita Perraudin
Costume design intern : Catherine Sardi
Props / sculptures: Fabienne Killy/ Anne Leray
Masks: Fredericka Hayter assisted by Joséphine Biereye and Sophie Lascelles
Set design : Catherine Rankl, Mathieu Lemarié
Lighting : Ronan Cabon
Sound technician : Philippe Tivillier
Sound technician intern : Anthony Fornier
Stage manager : Louis Yerly, Philippe Cottais, Manuel Perraudin
Production manager : Francine Legrand
Thanks to: Théâtre National de Chaillot, Marcial Di Fonzo Bo, Martine Joséphine Thomas, Nicolas Zourabichvili, Jean-Marc Stehlé, Valérie Perraudin, HMMH.

They are waiting for him to come and get them. Waiting for him, the Doctor God; the fairground’s keeper; the mechanical genius that’s busied day and night oiling the rusty clockwork of a world that doesn’t turn rightly around. They’re waiting for him to take them by the hand and guide them through the mechanical chaos of this giant, gyrating grinder. From the outside, the whole apparatus doesn’t quite spin right, and on the inside, things aren’t going much better. From time to time, some of the riders will abandon their inhibitions to confide in a chicken, and a donkey, divulging into them certain secrets.
The little man, over there, listens to the ramblings of his goldfish. With his head perched above the bowl, he takes turns talking with the fish, with himself, with the entire world. Animals are friends to those who feel isolated. They worry about those who are lonely, about us; yet they’re very careful not show it.
The lamentations of this wild merry-go-round, unable to stop, uncertain of why it’s circling in the first place, are the harmonies that keep us awake and aware. The wooden horses have fled the carrousel, a long time ago, through the little door of the ride that’s cracked open ever so slightly, allowing us to peek through and see rare glimpses of this life. On board, they are struggling to get off. They catch their breath once more. On a bench, a gentleman sits holding a bouquet of flowers, waiting for love. A lady is hoping he doesn’t stand her up, but the goat’s indulgence might ruin everything.
Is it the world that whirls round, or us waltzing about? Is it the fault of centrifugal force when our dreams are thrust up, and smashed against the ceiling, or maybe the fault of the centripetal force that disjoins us? Is it faulty fabrication? Or is it the moral weakness of a ceaseless, dying hunger for love. I see what you have in mind for me. Tell us of your adoration, so that everyone is comforted. Stupidity and nonsense play dirty tricks upon us. And still, the ride keeps twisting and winding around. The critical turning point will be an attack on our perceptions. The revamped, fairground beauty; this massive, iron wrought, spinning-top, captures the audience under the tent’s peaked canopy, blaring a bittersweet chorus that resounds with the hope of better days to come.

Translated from original text by Sarah Rosen

This show was performed outdoors in Dromesko’s great big shack.
Cities visited in 2009: Rennes, Grenoble, Chambéry, Dinan (Côte d’Armor), Le Havre, Reims, Dijon, Luxembourg, Bordeaux………..
Cities to be visited in 2010 : Paris, Nancy, Marne la Vallée, Angers, Gap, Béziers, Montpellier

The show is now on tour