L'Utopie fatigue les Escargots (Snails tire of Utopia)

Six small celebrations while we wait…
Creation 2003
This show received 3 "prix du Souffleur" in Paris in 2003 : for the stage direction, for the music and for the set.

Creation, and stage direction : Igor, Paolo Magelli
Text : Serge Valletti
Composition Score: Alexandre Balanescu

Production Théâtre Dromesko
Coproduction Théâtre National de Bretagne - Rennes,
Théâtre de la Commune - CDN Aubervilliers,
Le Cargo - Maison de la Culture de Grenoble,
Printemps des Comédiens - Montpellier,
La Ferme du Buisson - Scène Nationale de Marne-la-Vallée,
Le-Maillon - Théâtre de Strasbourg

with the support of du Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication DRAC Bretagne,
du Conseil Régional de Bretagne,
du Conseil Général d’Ille et Vilaine.
Avec le soutien de l’ADAMI,
et de l’Ambassade de France à Bogotá (Colombie)

Lily, Monique Brun, Friederike Tiefenbacher / Valérie Schwarcz, Ana Maria Vallejo,
Igor, Jean-Claude Leguay / Charlie Nelson / Jérôme Derre, Paolo Magelli, Revaz Matchabeli, Louis Yerly, Lily (vocals), Janos Sandor (violin), Revaz Matchabeli (cello), Jenö Soros (cimbalom), Igor (accordion), Sandor Berki (upright bass), Friederike Tiefenbacher (piano)
set construction :  Louis Yerly with Joël Perrin, Philippe Robert, Wouter Zoon, Philippe Gallerand
costume design : Lily
costume : Virginie Bauchet
Frigor 2KOC*
light : Ronan Cabon
sound : Philippe Tivillier
stage manager : Louis Yerly
Staging assistant intern : Johanna Larosa
avec la collaboration de Jean-Marc Louazon, Géraldine Perotti,
production manager: Francine Legrand
Thanks to : Emmanuel de Véricourt, Alena Sluneckova, Fabienne Fouvil, Jean-Yves Gallerand, Anne Thomas, la Ville de Saint-Jacques de la Lande

The show is the result of an encounter between Paolo Magelli, Serge Valetti, Alex Balanescu and the Dromesko company, Igor, Lily…Old friendships and recent intrigues have given birth to a new artistic work. The active investment of all concerned, is what gives this joint work its strength and authenticity.
For the last few years, punctuated by the seasons, the climates, the voyages, the pleasures and difficulties of its travelling-life, the company of the Théâtre Dromesko, Igor, Lily and the others have ceaselessly worked towards new encounters, towards different ways of looking at human, as well as artistic experiences.

Therefore it was no surprise that Igor, Paolo Magelli, Alex Balanescu and Serge Valetti should cross paths under the themes of travel, encounters and, most of all friendship. It has been quite a few years since these artists, often without realising it, planned to meet up with each other, for the duration of a show, in order to share their dreams, their imaginary worlds, their writing, their music, their poetic worlds, in short, their everyday life.

Paolo Magelli, is a director of Italian origin but who for more than twenty five years has been "married" to the culture and theatre of the Slavic countries. He's been a participant in our adventures since he began directing the student workshops of the Théâtre National de Bretagne, his workshops in Strasbourg, Weimr, Venice and since his important contribution as an actor to "Les Voiles Ecarlates " (the scarlet sails) in Venice, etc…and with whom we had already talked about creating a show regarding the Romanian gipsy singer of the 50's, Maria Tanaze.

Paolo Magelli's cursus is connected with our encounter with Alex Balanescu a Romanian violinist and composer living in exile in London during the dreadful days of the Ceausecscu regime, and his passion for gypsy music can be seen in the influence in his contemporary composition ; both in his own compositions and in the famous program "Quartett Balanescu".
Our first meeting was in Rennes (in the new Théâtre National de Bretagne during the Transmusicales) and was followed by many more in Budapest, Liège, Paris and again, in Rennes. We hit it off immediately ; we share the same musical and human affinities. He will be one of the poets in our next adventure.

And lastly, as of the first performance of La Baraque, a Dromesko evening-entertainment and our first attempt at Campements in Le Mans, at the invitation of another friend, François Tanguy - whom we hope one day to include in one of our poems - Serge Valetti sat down at one of the tables in our musical canteen. Links are forged, projects are discussed, another encounter in Rennes and the decision is made, he will be the author of our next show.

The first work session took place in Rennes, for two weeks, in February 2002 .  With help from different wines, cooking sessions and above all Burgundy snails, we managed to assemble our common sensibilities around a simple poetic canvas :
- a play in six tableaux (six celebrations) inspired by a real and imagined journey through Central Europe, a sort of graphic story imagined by Paolo Magelli and which will be the starting point for Serge Valetti's free and transposed writing ;
- a scenography which will be created in the usual spirit and conviviality of such Dromesko structures ;
- a music composed by Alex Balanescu for the Dromesko musicians, and which will weave the framework of the show and link the different tableaux
- an almost collective stage direction, under the stewardship of Paolo Magelli and with contributions from a dozen artists.