La Baraque, cantine musicale (The Shack, a Musical Canteen)

Wine – Soup – Music
Creation 1995
This show received the critics’ award for the best show in Catalonia (Spain), in 2007

Creation and stage direction: Lily and Igor

This show was preformed as different versions of which the last two were performed in partnership with the Theater des frères Forman of Prague (The Czech Republic)

Production : Theatre Dromesko
TNB (the National Theater of Brittany), the city of Rennes, the Ministry of Culture and of Communication.

“It’s a little travelling tavern that lets us slide between the tables, drinking up the music in-between glasses, worry with the crows when there is nothing to worry about, being surprised, all of us together, that we’re still here” Igor tells us.
Artists and audience members are mixed-up around a bar, tables and chairs and a little stage platform where the gypsy orchestra plays.
While everyone is invited to share the soup, the words and the songs, the magic tricks come and go.
Those guests are the accomplices of Igor and Lily that bring about the dances, performers, singers and musicians, and the touring magicians that can adapt to the different places they go, camped-out with the other beauties in the hanger.
At the preferred pace of the climate, the moods, and freshly made friends, the evening can last as long as it pleases: Wine, beer, discussions, and music of course. From his shack with little windows looking out at the stars, Igor says again:
“To be together around a table, to have a drink, to have a drink in hoping that this will not be the last, waiting for one or the other and listening, lending your ear to the music that with leave you with, maybe an evening that you can remember, tomorrow and the day after that, as if it were yesterday.”
An entire philosophy on existence is gained as the night goes along, though hardly noticed.

This show was performed 330 times in France and in Europe until 200 and is still occasionally performed
Rennes, La Rochelle, Nantes, Anvers / Belgium, Toulouse, Doual, Saint Brieux, Le Mans, Noisiel, Montpellier, Strasbourg, Nancy, Aubervilliers, Auxerre, Brussels / Beligium, Prague / Czech Republic, Venice / Italy, Weimar / Germany, Namur / Belgium, Pilzen / Czech Republic, Grenoble, Martigues, Dinan, Uherskerhradiste / Czech Republic, Gap, Madrid / Spain, Valencia / Spain, Barcelona / Spain, Segovia / Spain, Chambéry, Combs la Ville, Braunschweig / Germany

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