Musical show
Creation 2005

Production : Theatre Dromesko

Script :Jean-Paul Wenzel re-writen by Dromesko with the agreement of the author
Music direction : Jean-François Chevillard adapted from an anonymous score
With Lily, Igor, Monique Brun, alongside Joèl Perrin / Fernand Emile
Choir : Olivier Badoit, Jean Paul Bretzel, Jean-Louis Gourdin, and François Tangry
Musicians: Cedric Hellsten violin soloist, Janös Sandor violin, Jenö Soros cymbalum, Igor accordion, Sandor Berki cello
Sound and light technician: Philippe Tivillier

Margot is an imaginative, zany, little opera complete in scene, set, and costume.
Henri, king of the Navarre, on horseback, has been heading up his army for many long months, waging war in faraway lands.
The queen Margot is waiting abandoned, her entourage is her knave and his female companion. Her mindset encumbered by morbid thoughts that send her into the atrocities of war.
Théâtre Dromesko chose to show Margot, a little, lyrical number almost totally unknown, for the beauty found in it’s script and the richness in the musical score written by Jean-François Chevillard. But, or mostly, because the piece touches upon the theme of waiting; set in this particular historical moment; waiting for the other; waiting for tomorrow; the worried wait or one filled with hope; waiting for death; waiting for happiness...
What interests us and makes us wonder here is more so the state of relationships generated by this type of waiting situation.
The universe of Dromesko filled with song, with music and animals brings the audience member into an evening that slips out of the ordinary and of control.

104 performances of this show will have been performed in France and in Europe in Saint Jaques de la Lande, Concoret (Morbihan), Rennes, Namest (Maravie CZ), Pont Scorff, Saint Aubin du Cormier, Aubervilliers, Monterfil, Brioux sur Boutonne, Aurillac, Saint Paul les Monestiers, Reims, Noyal sur Vilaine, Compiègne, Sarreguemines, Charlette sur Loign, Le Havre, Toulouse, Poznan (Poland), Munich (Germany), Brussels (Belgium), Charlero (Belgium), Paris.

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