La Volière / the Top

First Production : 1990 / 1994
Creation and stage direction: Igor and Lily

Produced by:
Théâtre de Vidy – Lausanne (Switzerland) / Directed by Mathias Langhoff
Théâtre National de Bretagne – The city of Rennes / Directed by Emmanuel De Véricourt
Le Volcan – The city of Le Havre

Also supported by the Ministry of Culture and the French-speaking community, and the Ministry of Foreign Affaires – AFAA / The French Association of Artistic Action.

La Volière is a big top circus tent, with a transparent dome, but it's also more than a big top. By way of gypsy music that reunites 240 birds, horses, and other animals, along with about 15 artists that come from the world of theater, music, and the circus, it sets the scenery for the colorful performance.

Two versions were created between 1990 and 1994 “Dernier chant avant l’envol” (The last song before takeoff) and “Vertiges” (Dizziness); These plays were performed for a long period of time; 353 times in France and in Europe; Lausanne (Switzerland), Bordeaux, Nîmes, Rennes, Strasbourg, Marne la Vallée, Paris, Saint Herblain, Lisbon (Portugal), Hainburg (Austria), Le Havre, Cherbourg, Toulouse, Brest Villeurbanne, Avignon, Esslingen (Germany) Zurich (Switzerland)

“Dernier Chant avant l’envol” (The last song before takeoff)
First performed 1990-1991

First version

A winged horse, a butler with a long beak, musicians that chatter, a double bass that’s really a tree, the trills escaping from a cage that’s really a woman, seven crows discussing endlessly in shadowy light reflecting like copper…
The daze provoked within these walls by the arrival of this crazy crew is tremendous. Them, the hair-brained crew of Dromesko say, of course, that up until this point, the birds had one up on us. That they looked upon our pitiful strides, from high up, making us beg for mercy from their feints. But today, the time has come to abandon the sweet comfort of our dream state to strike back. They say that the round hasn’t been played, and that the snickering of the mocking Azure-winged Magpie, from the Himalayas, won’t resound any longer under their big aviary placed somewhere between the earth, and the sky. Far from putting the burden on these winged creatures of an approaching chastising, the Dromesko crew spoils them… so that they fly better. He, that didn’t see the crow turn pale in front of the delicate lightness of the tight-rope walker, will never know the lasting shivers bringing us close to the euphoria in which we float, gliding along in a sapphire sky of unthinkable pleasures, removed from the power of gravity. DROMESKO, the last song before takeoff.