The Company’s History

In 1990, outside of all other networks, and after already creating, alongside other partners, the circuses Aligre and Zingaro, Igor established with his wife Lily “La Volière Dromesko” or “The Dromesko Aviary”. It’s their first play, and the birth of their company. The Dromesko Theater is supported in Rennes by the Théâtre Nationale de Bretagne (the National Theater of Brittany), under the direction of Emmanuel de Véricourt. “La Volière” will hold it’s first performance at the Théâtre Vidy in Lausanne under the direction of Matthias Langhoff. The play will be the first of a series of imaginative touring shows performed in unique venues that can be disassembled for transport from one place to the next. (353 performances in France and in Europe)
The innovation of the stage and of the performance, the animals, the gypsy music, and of the travelling shows creates the basic foundation on which Dromesko’s artistic lifestyle stands, or more simply put, a basis on which life itself stands.

Since then, and before: A long journey, many meetings, many shows :

- “La baraque, cantine musicale”, 1995 (Several modified versions shown between 1998/2001/2006) 350 shows

- “Les Voiles Ecarlates” (The Scarlet Sails) In collaboration with the Théâtre des Frères Forman in Prague, 2000 (220 shows)

- Direction of the project “Regards Premiers” (First Glances) a series of four performed exhibitions linked with four national museums (oceanic, archeological, popular art, and architecture). This project, designed for pupils, was initiated by the CNDP and performed in four cities in the region Pays de la Loire. 2002/2003 (215 shows)

- “L’Utopie Fatigue les Escargots” (Utopia Tires-Out the Snails) 2003 (90 shows)

- “Margot” 2005/2006 (94 shows)

- “Arrêtez le Monde, Je Voudrais Descendre” (Stop the World, I 'd Like to Get Off) 2009

Several performances in France and in Europe

Recognition from the subsidizers in 1998 with :
- The installation of our facility on  “La Ferme Haut Bois” (The farm), in Saint Jacques de la Lande in the Rennes metropolis, is today, under renovation. It’s a place of living, of creation, of performing plays; and, it’s a workshop; a welcoming place for artists.

- An agreement with government organizations, and the subsidization of the communities in the region of Brittany.

Théâtre Dromesko is funded by
DRAC Brittany’s Minister of Culture and Communications
The Rennes Metropolis
The Regional Council of Brittany
The Council for the department of Ille et Vilaine
Also supported by the city of Saint Jacques de la Lande (Ille et Vilaine).